Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow, Sweets, Sitting and Smiles!

We've been trying to keep pretty busy around here lately. We haven't had much snow, except for one day we had a pretty good amount, so the boys went out to play, while Maddie and I watched from indoors where it was warm.

Jake came in with cold cheeks at one point, so I wrapped him up with my scarf, and he went right back out!
They had a lot of fun, sledding down the hill daddy made. We just bought that sled, and that was the first and last time we used it!!
We made some Valentines before we left for Arizona, and forgot all about them. We found them in the drawer the other day. Jake signed all of them by himself, which was awesome and he did get a lot of practice writing 10 of them. I felt bad we forgot about them, because he really was excited, but they looked super cute on Valentines Day.

When Jake woke up, he came in my room to snuggle. I told him Happy Valentines Day, and he thought about it for a minute, and said hold on mommy. He went downstairs and came back up with his hands behind his back, and said Happy Valentines mommy! He had this cute vase, with a "blooming" pink rose in it, when you push the button it blooms and say I Love You! I sure do have the sweetest little boy!

Madelyn began to sit up on heR own in early Feb, but only for about 10 seconds or so. As of mid-February, she can do it all by herself. Shes getting so big too quick!! Shes still as happy as can be, and such a blast to be around. Shes learning new things every day!

She absolutely adores her brother, and it shows!! They also have a VERY similar profile!! I love their silly faces!