Sunday, February 19, 2012

Its been a while...

So we made it home from Arizona, and then all of us got sick. I'm guessing it was from all the germs on the plane, but whatever. Madelyn threw up once, Jake several times, and we all had stuffy noses sore throats and chest congestion. The kids had a pretty decent cough for several days. We are better now, we layed around and got lots of rest to get healthy again. Madelyn's schedule has been pretty out of whack for the last week. She used to go to sleep at 8/8:30 and sleep through the night, and now she goes down after 9, and is awake by 10:30 wants to play and eat and do anything but sleep until about 11:30. At about this time, shell get sleepy and go back to bed for the night. Shes driving me crazy with this. I have tried to get her to sleep less during the day and wake up earlier, but shes waking up by 8, and only sleeping for an hour or so during the day. She is scooting all over the place, so maybe shes sleeping less because shes learning something new, and having a growth spurt?? I don't know. Jacob also broke my flash drive with all my pics as soon as I put them on it, so no pics for now. Hopefully I can get it fixed soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zebras PJs and Ghosts!

Day 11-World Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium
My awesome god parents, Carol and Pete

Aren't they beautiful?

Jake loved that they licked his hand and that he could feed them.

This zoo was pretty amazing. We got to feed the birds apples and the giraffes pellets and and let them lick our hands. We got super close to the Zebras, Rhino and Kangaroos. I wasn't thrilled with the lack of employees, there were an awful lot of people who were feeding the animals whatever they were eating, crackers and cupcakes? Seriously? There were people teasing the baby Lions, and when I explained to Jacob it wasn't nice to tease the animals, somebody said they are cats and like to play. I don't think that its considered playing, with a caged animal, it was teasing. None the less, we had a blast. Our dinner was served next to an albino alligator. I learned that the only adult albino gators are in zoos, because they can't survive in the wild! Jake had fun, hes definitely an animal lover, and Maddie enjoyed the ride.

Day 12-Lounging in our pjs ALL day long

It was a Sunday. A day to relax. Jake wanted to play with all of his cool new toys, and didn't want to get dressed in the process. So he didn't, neither did Maddie. We practiced sitting up a bit, and Lucy hung out to watch us do penguin play! It was a nice relaxing day for all.

Day 13- Mike and Sarahs house
I didn't bring my camera, shame on me, we hung out with the triplets all day, I rearranged their furniture, while Mike took a nap!! Yikes!! He woke up, and liked it!! Woo hoo. I love rearranging rooms, I did my god mothers living room, and she hated it!! I loved it, it had every seat enjoying the fireplace, which she wanted, but she called it a cluster f*ck and said it was to closed in. Shes crazy!( I can say that now because I'm in NY) By the way, who needs a fireplace in Arizona? Crazy right?!?!

Day 14- Goldfield Ghost Town and Ghost Mine?

At Sonic, waiting for the unexperienced roller skater to bring us our food. 

Jacob was bigger than Superstition Mountain

We had a blast at the Goldfield Ghost town and mine. Jacob got to go down in the mine, and learned all about the miners. We had our pictures taken, so we look like old cowboys at a saloon, and we rode a train, and gave us a tour, and history of the town.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Museums and more.

Day 8-Golfland and Arcade

After eating brunch at The Waffle House, we decided we were running to late for the children's museum, so we went to Golfland! They have a huge arcade inside where Jake won over 1200 tickets, and got some pretty cool prizes. We then ventured outdoors to play some golf. I'm not sure the actual score, because after teeing off, Jake would move his ball within inches of the hole and putt from there. We'll say he won for now! He was really disappointed when the 18th hole ate his ball, so I let him putt mine in as well. They had a huge climber, which he insisted I go on with him, and boy did that hurt my knees, because it surely wasn't tall enough to stand in.

Day 9-Phoenix Childrens Museum

This museum is set up in an old school building. With four levels, there were 100's of ways to keep children occupied for hours. Whoever is behind the designs of some of these things has an incredible imagination, this stuff was cool. We skipped the first floor and headed upstairs. On the first level was a huge play structure, which went up three stories and overlooked the different levels. We saved that for last. They used hanging pool noodles to make an awesome walk thru exhibit, the kids were running and having a blast. Balls, forts, wheels, food, creativity, imagination, it was all incorporated into the different areas of the museum. Half way thru we enjoyed a pb and j school lunch at the cafeteria. At the end, Jake and I climbed through the tower. When we made it to the top, an employee who was on the third floor told us the building was being evacuated. So we headed down, apparently there are a few different exits, and we chose the hardest one to get through. Once we had made it outside, we decided to end our visit, as we had already been there for several hours, and the rush down had exhausted me. I would go back, the kids had a blast, and it was cool.

Day 10-Arizona Museum and Science Center
Jake laying on a bed of nails.
Riding the light rail.

  We decided to take the light rail to the science center. They had these huge copper statues outside, so we had a photo op. Inside, they had a huge telescope, which when you looked in, it projected your eye up above. There were exhibits on different parts of the body, Jake seemed to like the nose above, you put balls in, and then push the button. It sneezes at you, and blows boogers out at you(balls). We learned how to make sticky ice, and do the sticky ice dance. We experienced a tornado, hurricane, storm and desert heat. It was pretty cool because it would spray you, then the wind would blow. The heat lamps came on and it got pretty hot. It was a good day at the museum, but quite the walk back to the light rail and a long ride home.