Monday, April 30, 2012

We're going to Disney!!

Oh my goodness! We have so much going on. I am in a wedding this weekend, and I feel very unprepared for the entire thing! I dont even know what shoes I will be wearing yet! We also are leaving for Disney this Saturday night, and I can't wait! Who would have ever thought I would be going on two huge trips within months of each other? Not me. We are driving down, we originally had a friend going with us that was splitting the cost of the trip with us, but due to situations out of her control, she isn't able to go. Although, my other girlfriend and her family will be making part of the trip with us, so although we wont be splitting hotels and gas, Jake will still have some friends other than his sister to hang out with while we are in Florida! I can't believe it is almost here. I have so much packing to do, and feel as if I will definitely forget something. All of our tickets are paid for, were going to Disney for 6 days and SeaWorld for 2. Drake's aunt and Uncle live in Orlando, and we are hoping we can meet up with them at some point during the trip. They haven't gotten to meet Madelyn yet, so it shall be exciting. My grandfather and Uncles also lives down there, about an hour and a half Southwest of Orlando, so we are hoping to visit with them as well. I think it has been well over 10 years since I last saw my Poppy!! So Im excited!  I have a lot of packing to do!! 

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  1. Your gonna have a blast sounds like you got a fun trip planned out. I'm really glad your gonna get to see your Poppy, it will be good for both of you, he's just gonna love your kids. Be careful and have fun. Love you, Carol