Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Days Left!

There are only two full days left before we leave for Florida. I am so exicted, but extremely nervous. It's going to be an extremely long drive, and I am not sure how my babes will handle it. I honestly think theyll sleep for most of it, as we are going to try and do the driving at night. Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner for the closest thing to a "sister" that I have, and then Sat is the wedding. This wouldnt be so bad, except that I am in the wedding, which means that I will be going from Saturday until early Sunday. Im hoping Drake can get a good nap in before the wedding. I am a night person anyways, so it doesn't matter how tired I am all day, I am wide awake come midnight and the early hours of the morning. I have just started packing everything today, so hopefully we wont forget something. Not that there wont be a store if we need something. We have a lot planned this week. One of my best friends is going woth us on the trip. She won't be riding down with us or staying even in the same resort as us, but she will be right down the road. I am excited that Jake will have two of his closest friends there with us, even though they are girls! I'm printing all of our park tickets now, so I can make sure I have them when the time comes.

On another note.
Madelyn has been crawing and pulling herself up since she was about 6 months. She has even started standing on her own in the past two weeks. She will be standing and holding onto something, and then just let go and stand there for about 30 seconds. Once you acknowledge her, or she realizes she'll either grab back on, or fall on her bottom. She's pretty proud of herself, and she looks quite cute doing it. She looks so funny because shes so small, but I cant believe how amazing she is, and just continues to learn new things daily. She can clap and wave hello and goodbye. She even understands when I tell her no to something. She tries to test our limits and laughs at us, but she won't do it (ex: climbing up the stairs) if I say no!

We bought a Strider bike for Jacob a couple of months back, and he absolutely loves it! We take it everywhere with us, it is so light weight, and he can carry it himself and jump on and off without a problem. Hes really getting the nag of it to, he lifts his feet up and balances well. He has a hard time getting himself going on a flat surface, but hes working on it.
We entered a contest, and Madelyn is now also the proud owner of a PINK Strider bike. She tried it on for size but her feet cant reach the ground! We'll hold onto it for later.

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much Maddy has grown since you all were here. We are so happy about the strider bikes, Pete of course takes all the credit for that. Love ya, have a safe and fun trip.