Sunday, May 6, 2012

On the road!

We are on our way to Florida!! I was in a wedding all day, and when I was finished we gathered into the car and jumped on the road. After the first stop being in only Buffalo and the next barely at the PA border, I thought we may have never made it this far. I was running on no sleep, but I was wide awake. Drake was feeling pretty sick on the way down, not nauseas because of my driving, but congested and a bad cough. Drake is not a very good sick person. He needs his beauty sleep and when he is sick hes down and out. This left me without my relief driver, which turned out okay. We made it through Pennsylvania, after having to stop at McDonalds/Wal-Mart to feed Madelyn. We continued on and had to get gas in West Virginia, and stretch our legs. Upon arriving in North Carolina, we decided to find a hotel for the evening. I called a few places and one had a great rate, so we headed over. When we arrived the lady told me rooms were $89.90 a night. She was not the hotel that I called. After searching for a little bit and driving to two more hotels, we found a good one, with an indoor pool so the kids could go swimming. Madelyn woke up several times throughout the night, I think she wanted to roll over and was angry she was buckled into her car seat. Jake slept through, only waking when we would stop and fill up. We are gathering up our stuff now, and gonna jump back on the road to finish our trip. We are hoping to get to Kissimmee in the morning, and spend our day at The Animal Kingdom. Wish us luck, as it will be warm, and I am sure we will all be tired. Jake has made me promise him that we will go to Disney first and THEN Florida!! This will work,m because check in is at 4 at our Villa, so we will spend the day at Disney first! Back on the road again!

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  1. So glad you didn't try to drive straight through. Sorry to read Drake's not feeling well,hopefully he will be better by the time you get there. Have a great trip. Love ya